Henry Macreadie - Operations Manager 

Henry is one of the co-founders of MahookyMedia and TheGamersHub from its birth in 2009. He now manages all advertisement on TGH while expanding Mahooky’s online assets.

Dan Hook – Productions Manager

Dan is the other co-founder of MahookyMedia and TheGamersHub from its very start. Dan is now working on other Mahooky websites and services, such as Bull Dog Graphics.

Kerry Macreadie - Financial Controller

Kerry is great with money, he’s helped make sure Mahooky is always in control.

Zach Nicodemous - Website Manager 

If Zach can’t code it – no-one can.

James Nike – Support

Contact us? Chances are James will help you.

Mahooky Digital:

Lewis Williams – Media Manager

Lewis is brilliant with audio and visual content such as videos, it’s why we have him on our team.

Joe Tyler – Video Director 

Loves video content, creating 3D title screens for videos along with snapping everything together, artistic and informative.

Christopher Marek – Game Server Manager

If it’s a server, chances are Christopher understands it. If it involves games, chances are Christopher has helped us create it.

TheGamersHub Staff:

Vaughn Highfield – Content Editor TheGamersHub

Vaughn was appointed Content Editor of TheGamersHub in late 2011, he now makes sure TGH creates the best content it can.

Anthony D – US Editor

N/A – Features Editor

Dylan V – News Editor

Ryan P – Technolgy Editor

Sam D – Community Manager


Chris C – Staff Writer

Rob D – Staff Writer

Vanessa H – Staff Writer

John D – Staff Writer

Teddy J – Staff Writer

Josh – Staff Writer